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The Truth About That Switch Trade-In Program

Nintendo is now selling a new Switch revision with better battery life, and for a moment, it looked like the company might allow older-model trade-ins for those who'd recently purchased them. It would be an upstanding move, for sure; unfortunately, it looks like the stories floating around about the so-called "exchange program" weren't entirely accurate.


According to The Verge, Nintendo is outright denying that the company is allowing older Switch models to be exchanged for new ones, telling the outlet, "We do not have a Nintendo Switch exchange program." This stands in stark contrast to what many reports claimed late last week, when it was believed that Nintendo would enable trade-ins for launch Switches purchased after July 17.

Miscommunication on the support side isn't anything new; many companies are forced into public relations clean-up mode when a customer support rep goes off script. But it at least looks like some thought went into appeasing customers who might want the newer model instead of the older one. Why else would the company establish that purchase cut-off date?


It's possible Nintendo truly isn't allowing exchanges, and this was just a case of someone contacting support and getting lucky. Or perhaps the policy is one the company would rather keep under wraps. Maybe customers who get in touch with support and demand a longer-lasting Switch can still get it, but Nintendo doesn't want everyone rushing to turn in their older models.

Whatever the case, it seems Nintendo would like you to know that an official exchange program isn't a thing. If you happen to buy a launch Nintendo Switch, you might be able to swap it for the new revision (if you talk to the right support agent). Or you might be stuck with it

Your best bet is to not buy that Switch model in the first place. So if you're out shopping for the console, look for the all-red box. That's your ticket.