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PewDiePie Ties The Knot With His Longtime Girlfriend

PewDiePie is having a rather memorable August. He recently celebrated hitting 99 million YouTube subscribers, which is a massive achievement. And just yesterday, he reached yet another significant milestone in his life: he got married.


The man born Felix Kjellberg is now hitched to girlfriend Marzia Bisognin, with the two tying the knot yesterday in London, England. PewDiePie announced the news via Twitter early this morning by exclaiming, "We are married!!! I'm the happiest I can be. I'm so lucky to share my life with this amazing woman." Along with his message, he also posted some photos from the occasion (including the one above), which make it appear as though the event was limited to close friends and family.

PewDiePie is, of course, a famous YouTube creator who has been known to stir up his fair share of controversy. And Bisognin is a former YouTube star herself, but chose to put her content-creating days behind her nearly nine months ago. The two reportedly met after a friend told her to "watch this idiot playing video games" on YouTube. Bisognin soon became enamored with said idiot, however, and sent him a fan letter via email, which resulted in PewDiePie trekking to Italy for a date.


A few moves and a few years later, the couple decided to make Brighton, England their home. And it seems England will continue to remain home for the time being.

There's no word on a honeymoon just yet, so we can't say for certain whether PewDiePie's videos will continue going up or if the creator will be taking a break. Fortunately, that doesn't seem to be a big topic of discussion in PewDiePie's replies. For the most part, the YouTuber is receiving a lot of congratulations and well wishes. Maybe the internet isn't so bad after all.

We'll keep you up to date should this story progress. Who knows: maybe marriage is what'll get PewDiePie his 100 million subscribers.