What Is The Rarest Pickaxe In Fortnite?

Pickaxes — or "harvesting tools" as Fortnite now calls them — are both awesome-looking and functional. They aren't just axes anymore; they're chainsaws, cleavers, and whatever else the team at Epic Games can dream up. And they serve to help you destroy things so you can gather materials for the battle ahead. But do you know which is the hardest to find? Do you know what the rarest pickaxe in Fortnite is?


That honor belongs to the pro wresting-inspired Piledriver.

The website Fortnite Insider last surveyed the game's inventory back in June 2019 to see which harvesting tools hadn't shown up in a while. At that time, the Piledriver was the clear winner, having not been sold in the Fortnite store for 285 days. We've searched around and haven't been able to locate evidence that the Piledriver's gone on sale since, so with a little math, we were able to determine just how long players have gone without an opportunity to buy the Piledriver.

The answer? 366 days — over a year.

It's a shame, too. Many of Fortnite's rarest items don't seem like they're worth holding back — we don't get why the Raptor and the Flapper are experiencing droughts — but the Piledriver is an exception. It's got a decidedly Mexican flair to it (the colors are similar to the Mexican flag, for instance), and it's clearly inspired by lucha libre, that country's take on professional wrestling. There are even some other cosmetics that go along with the Piledriver as part of the Lucha set. Fortunately, those haven't been as difficult to obtain.


So that's where we're at currently with regards to rare Fortnite pickaxes (harvesting tools). More than a year has passed since the Piledriver has been sold, making it the rarest pickaxe at this stage in the game. Keep an eye on the store, though; the rare ones don't stay rare forever, and there's a good chance it'll be back someday.