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Here's How Much Ali-A Is Worth Now

If you're from across the pond (and you're into gaming) you've no doubt heard of Ali-A. He's a popular Call of Duty YouTuber from the UK and he has quite the following. Does that following translate into a sizable income? It sure does. How sizable exactly? Here's how much Ali-A is worth now.


According the website Naibuzz, Ali-A (real name Alastair Aiken) is doing quite well for himself on YouTube and runs not one channel but two; one for gaming videos and another for vlogs. Ali-A's gaming YouTube currently sits at over 16 million subscribers, while his vlog channel has over 4 million. He's reportedly worth around $14 million thanks to his YouTube empire, which definitely helps explain where the jet came from.

What's even more stunning, though, is how much Ali-A is able to rake in per day from his YouTube videos. Naibuzz estimates that Ali-A's gaming channel makes roughly $8,800 per day, which is an insane amount of money. And while the vlog channel is on the lower end — only pulling in $500 per day — it still generates a pretty decent income: $182,500 per year.


When you consider that Ali-A has also enjoyed sponsorships in the past from companies like Ubisoft and Blizzard, you can start to see how Ali-A managed to amass that $14 million net worth. Based on the available figures, he's making well over $3 million per year in total on YouTube alone, with that number likely going up quite a bit when sponsor companies chip in. And he's managing not to spend all of that money as fast as he's making it, which is something some millionaires have trouble with.

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With that, you now know how much Ali-A is worth now.