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Control: How To Unlock All Of The Outfits

In Control, you take on the role of Jesse Faden, a determined young woman who enters the headquarters of the Federal Bureau of Control looking for answers. When Jesse steps into the Oldest House, she has no idea that she is about to become the Bureau's director. Sporting a leather jacket and jeans, she looks more like a chic civilian than the head of a government agency dedicated to the study and containment of the paranormal.


As you explore more of Jesse's new domain, you'll discover a variety of outfits for her to wear. Purely cosmetic, these outfits allow you to customize the main character's appearance but do not influence your stats or gameplay. Some you'll receive by progressing through the main narrative, while Remedy has hidden others behind puzzles and side quests. Here's how to unlock every outfit in Control.

Tactical Response Gear, Astral Dive Suit, and Urban Response Gear

Remedy awarded the Tactical Response Gear as a pre-order bonus. The Astral Dive Suit and Urban Response Gear come with the Control Digital Deluxe Edition which only PlayStation 4 users can purchase.

The Golden Suit

You receive the Golden Suit for completing the Luck Puzzle in the Luck and Probability Sector of the Research Wing. Though you encounter the puzzle early on, you will not be able to solve it until you retrieve the missing piece locked behind a clearance level 5 security door.


Candidate P7 Outfit

This outfits is stashed in a locker in the P7 room of the Prime Candidate Program Sector in the Containment wing.

Janitor's Assistant Outfit

Unlock this outfit by completing the side mission "What A Mess: Take A Break." This is the sixth mission you can receive from Ahti the Janitor by visiting the cork board in the Janitor's Office.

Office Assistant Outfit

You will receive the Office Assistant outfit during Mission 9 of the main narrative.

Director's Suit

The Director's Suit unlocks once you complete the game for the first time.

Asynchronous Suit

You can see the Asynchronous Suit on a crash test dummy early on in the Synchronicity Lab in Research; however, it's sitting behind unbreakable glass. To gain access to the outfit, you will first need to complete the "Self Reflection" side mission, which you can pursue after picking up a document in the Containment Sector during Mission 7.