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Twitch Viewers Discover A Ninja Doppelganger

Can Ninja be replaced? If you asked the hundreds of thousands of fans who followed him to Mixer after he left Twitch, the answer is no. Still, that hasn't stopped some Twitch viewers from trying to fill the Ninja-sized void in their lives through other means; like finding a Ninja look-alike who is willing to do Ninja things occasionally.


Meet xDORITOSAURUSx. He's a Twitch streamer who spends a lot of time playing Rocket League. He's not a big-time celebrity streamer by any means, but he seems like a well-liked, well-mannered guy. He quotes from the movie Cars; yes, the animated movie. He's not out there stirring up controversy or getting himself banned from Twitch. He logs on, plays for those who want to watch, and then logs off.

He also bears a striking resemblance to Tyler "Ninja" Blevins, who no longer streams on Twitch. And it seems that fact alone may be enough for some.

For what it's worth, Doritosaurus' look-alike status isn't lost on him. He gets it! During a recent stream, he addressed the topic in response to a question posed by someone in chat.


"Do you know how much I hear that I look like Ninja?" Doritosaurus said. "I can't go anywhere. At the grocery store, people are like, 'has anyone ever told you...' And I already know what's coming: you look like Ninja, bro."

He's not wrong. The similarities between Doritosaurus and Ninja are largely visual, but they do exist. Doritosaurus has a similar-looking face to his more famous counterpart, for example, and also has his hair colored with a blue-green tint similar to one worn by Ninja in the past.

Otherwise, though, the two couldn't be more different. Doritosaurus plays very little Fortnite compared to Ninja, who might be that game's most famous player. He also doesn't seem all that interested in the spotlight. Doritosaurus doesn't have a bio filled out on Twitch, doesn't have any social media accounts tied to his Twitch presence, and hasn't posted his real name anywhere. And at press time, he has just 296 followers on Twitch, a number that's not indicative of someone who makes a living streaming video games.

It appears Doritosaurus typically streams to a small, close-knit community of viewers, and there's nothing wrong with that at all. He's not quite the "replacement Ninja" that some might be hoping for, but he doesn't have to be: there are plenty of other Fortnite streamers picking up the slack since Ninja moved to Mixer back in July, such as Tfue and Bugha, who both stream pretty often and compete regularly. 


To be honest, looking up Ninja's Twitch pals is probably the better route to go down if you're searching for an alternative, because simply finding the guy who looks like Ninja and making him do Ninja's Pon Pon dance isn't a great solution. Do you do realize that's a little weird, right? A little weird and a little sad. That's like dating someone who looks like your ex, then asking them to behave just like your ex, too. Maybe Doritosaurus has his own dance he enjoys doing. Or maybe he just wants to talk Rocket League and not answer questions about Ninja.

And it's not like Ninja jumped on a ship and blasted off to some other planet. You can easily reach his stream by visiting the Mixer website, which exists on the same internet that Twitch does. In fact, opening two windows side by side can enable you to watch Ninja on Mixer and someone else on Twitch simultaneously. Maybe that's worth a try?

But since you're here, we might as well give you an update on that streamer you can't seem to get out of your head. According to his official page on Mixer, Ninja now has over 2 million followers. And while we don't have a count for the number of subscribers Ninja can tout currently, it does look like Mixer's "free subscriptions" promo is still running for those who want a free Ninja subscription. Aside from that, Ninja is still doing what he's always done: he's playing tons of Fortnite, he's winning a lot while making it look insanely easy, and he's doing his best to entertain those tuning in to watch.


Maybe Ninja will pull a Tfue and set up a meeting with Doritosaurus. If anything like that happens, we'll let you know.