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Control Performance Patch Rolling Out On PS4; PC And Xbox One Updates Coming Soon

Control is supposed to be — if we're judging by reviews — one of the best games of 2019 so far. It could be the best game made by Remedy Entertainment ever. But wow, does Control ever run poorly on base PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles. Thankfully, a fix is on the way that could help.


According to a blog post from publisher 505 Games, the Control September Update is officially rolling out now for owners of the game on PlayStation 4. And it does a fair amount to address some of the criticisms that have come Control's way since launch. Numerous bugs are stamped out. Stability has been improved. And "general frame-rate performance through optimizations made to multiple systems and content" is mentioned.

This is really great news for those on the original PlayStation 4. Those playing Control on that platform should see some very noticeable differences in the way the game performs. But what about those on PC or Xbox One? Is help on the way in the form of an update for those platforms, as well?


Yes. Here's what 505 Games had to say to those customers.

"To our Xbox One and PC players, DO NOT PANIC! This update is heading your way very soon."

It seems that Remedy has been hard at work on patches for all platforms, and chose to release the PS4 patch (which is done) rather than wait for the PC and Xbox One versions to finish up. We don't really think you should knock either 505 or Remedy for that; if a patch can get out faster, why not let it? It's better to have at least one platform fixed, rather than hold back updates until all platforms get them at once. This isn't a multiplayer-focused game. It's a single-player action title. Don't be silly.

The Control performance update should be available for PS4 players now. But keep an eye out, PC and Xbox One players: your update should be dropping in no time.