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What Ninja's wife Jessica Blevins really thinks about Twitch

It's now been over a month since Ninja left Twitch behind in favor of Mixer and what we presume are greener ($) pastures. But Ninja's departure wasn't without controversy on Twitch's end, and it seems at the time, Ninja's wife Jessica had a lot to say about the way Twitch treated her husband.

First, a bit of backstory.

After Ninja departed Twitch, the platform took over his page and used it to promote other streamers. The idea might have been pitched like this: "Hey, Ninja's page still gets a lot of traffic, and he's not using it. Why don't we funnel those people somewhere else?" That's exactly what Twitch did. Unfortunately, one of the accounts Twitch promoted at Ninja's former URL happened to be one broadcasting porn, leading some out-of-the-loop Ninja fans to see some things they weren't quite ready for.

Twitch claimed it was an experiment gone wrong. Everyone could see this "experiment" was limited solely to Ninja's URL. Twitch nonetheless apologized for the porn thing, but not for commandeering Ninja's old page. Twitch eventually put Ninja's Twitch content back where it belonged.

But not before Ninja's wife, Jessica Blevins, offered up her two cents as to what Twitch was doing in the wake of her husband's departure.

"Twitch is doing PR control right now but it seems their intent from the beginning was to try to kill [the] Ninja brand," she reportedly said. "They say promoting other channels on his page wasn't of ill-intent, but here is a Twitch co-founder saying RIP with a winky face to Tyler's transition. Petty."

That is a pretty bold claim. Jessica Blevins is basically stating that Twitch hosted a bunch of other streamers at twitch.tv/NINJA in order to dilute and harm his brand elsewhere, and that would be a tough thing to prove, except for the fact that Twitch took unprecedented action when it "borrowed" Ninja's URL for the purposes of promoting other streamers. We're not aware of the platform doing that at any other point in time, which either makes it a conveniently timed experiment or, as Blevins stated, a "petty" move.

The dust appears to have settled for the time being. But keep an eye on this story. There could be more to it.