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Nioh 2 Gets A New Trailer And A Release Window

If game trailers are flying out of Japan at a rapid clip (and subsequently being pulled from YouTube), it can only mean one thing: the Tokyo Game Show is underway. This latest update gives us a look at Nioh 2, the upcoming action-RPG from Team Ninja that, as of today, officially has a release window.


Those who enjoyed the original Nioh can look forward to playing its sequel sometime in early 2020, according to both Team Ninja and Nioh 2 publisher Koei Tecmo. And just like the original, Nioh 2 will be launching exclusively on PlayStation 4 (though we imagine PC will again receive a version of the game at some point).

As for what you can expect: well, it'll be more Nioh, but better. Koei Tecmo and Team Ninja promise that the battles in Nioh 2 will "[require] your full concentration and skill." You'll also be able to choose the weapons you wield in battle; everything from swords to hatchets and then some. And in what some might consider a nod to Dark Souls, you can request help from "spectres" left behind by other players.


Meanwhile, we can't seem to get over how good-looking the game is. Based on the graphics and the frame rate, we have to imagine the trailer was put together with footage of the game running on a PS4 Pro (or perhaps a beefy development PC). Which means we'll have to wait and see what Nioh 2 looks like on a base PlayStation 4, a system that is sadly starting to show its age.

The first Nioh received praise for the way it mixed Ninja Gaiden speed with the deliberate combat of Dark Souls. If Nioh 2 sticks to that formula while adding some new bells and whistles to make the experience feel fresh, we have a hard time imagining it'll be a flop.

Nioh 2 comes to PlayStation 4 in early 2020.