Fortnite Is Reportedly Getting A Batman Crossover

Fortnite meets The Dark Knight? It looks pretty close to happening, if info datamined from Fortnite's latest update has anything to say about it.

Twitter user @Lucas7yoshi went digging through the latest Fortnite patch and found quite a few Batman-related surprises. For instance, there appears to be a weapon called the Explosive Batarang coming to Fortnite at some point in the future. The grappling gun we've all come to know could be getting replaced with something a bit more Batman flavored. And the image you see at the very top of this story? That purports to be the loading screen for Week 8. It looks awfully Batman-inspired, doesn't it?


One could look at everything here and guess that, maybe, a Batman crossover is coming to Fortnite at some point. Take into account that Sept. 21 is Batman Day, however, and it starts to look far more solid. As in, there's not only a good chance this is happening, but there's a good chance it's kicking off tomorrow.

And this is not the only Batman-related thing Epic is doing, by the way. Remember those mystery Batman titles in the Epic Games Store? Those will presumably go live tomorrow. So yeah, Epic is really promoting the heck out of Batman right now.

There's no official word yet on when this Fortnite x Batman crossover is happening, but as we stated, tomorrow seems like a safe bet. It would line up with Epic releasing its free Batman games and, well, that's the day new missions and objectives unlock inside Fortnite.


And feel free to disregard what might sound like crazy talk. But again, it really seems as though there is something more to this thing with Batman and Epic. Not that Epic is going to be making a new Batman game or anything, but maybe they locked up whatever's coming next as an Epic Games Store exclusive?

We'll have our eyes trained on both Fortnite and Epic tomorrow for more info. Should anything important occur, we'll keep you updated.