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Pennywise Stalks Players In New Resident Evil 2 Mod

There may not be a more recognizable horror figure at this moment than Pennywise from 2017's IT and the recently released IT: Chapter Two. Pennywise is little more than a vehicle for the evil child-devouring entity known as IT, but because that vehicle is the body of a clown, it's the easiest to bring into the world of video games. And what better video game is there for IT and for Pennywise than the super moddable, super terrifying Resident Evil 2 remake?


Yes, someone went there, and it's every bit the nightmare you'd expect.

This mod for the Resident Evil 2 remake replaces Mr. X with Pennywise from the IT films, trading in the enormous trenchcoat-and-fedora-wearing Tyrant for something that is somehow even more frightening. Forget those pounding footsteps of the T-00 stalking you throughout the Raccoon City Police Department. They don't quite compare to hearing what sounds like circus merry-go-round music, and then watching as an enormous clown squeezes through the door frame, just as intent on killing you as the Resident Evil 2 menace he's replacing.

If nothing else, this mod should prove that a horror game based on the IT franchise is definitely something worth exploring. Heck, give the rights to Capcom and let them make it in the Resident Evil 2 engine. It would probably sell like gangbusters.


And as for the mod itself, well, we have some disappointing news for you. We managed to trace the video of Pennywise in Resident Evil 2 back to its original publisher: a YouTuber named Albert_Fn_Wesker, who shared his footage on Sept. 8. And in that video's comments, the YouTuber states that the mod being used to swap Mr. X for Pennywise is actually a paid mod created by another individual named Marcos RC. That person only makes their mods available to Patreon subscribers, which would've meant you'd have needed to pay at least $30 per month in order to bring Pennywise into your own version of Resident Evil 2. But because time is fleeting and nothing is forever, Marcos RC's Patreon page appears to have been taken down. So right now, there is no way at all to get the Resident Evil 2 Pennywise mod. None whatsoever.

That's not to say there aren't a host of other sometimes daft, sometimes disturbing Resident Evil 2 mods you can take a look at, though.

There's a mod, for instance, that replaces the character you've chosen in the RE 2 remake with Shaggy from Scooby-Doo. Yes, remember when Shaggy memes consumed the internet, much to our chagrin? That moment in time was immortalized with a Resident Evil 2 mod, enabling you to recreate the classic hallway chase scenes of the Scooby-Doo cartoons using Shaggy and Mr. X (though we doubt you'll end up chasing Mr. X by mistake).


There's also one that swaps the lead character out for Twitch streamer Dr. Disrespect, of all people. Have you ever wondered what it'd be like to play as "the two-time" in one of the scariest horror games of this generation? The Dr. Disrespect mod for RE 2 can give you that experience. And the best part: there's nothing to stop you from streaming inside the bathrooms of Raccoon City P.D. all you want. The city is being taken over by zombies. Rules are out the window.

But let's say you want something that's right up there with Pennywise in terms of its creepiness. Let's say you want to replace Mr. X with something else that'll haunt your dreams. If that's the case, you might want to give this Thomas the Tank Engine mod a try. There is something downright chilling about hearing the chugs of a tank engine off in the distance, and hearing that little whistle blow as it draws near. And there's something warped about those wide eyes and that ever-present smile, and the way they say "I'm going to enjoy killing you" without words. This ruined Thomas the Tank Engine for us; like, we'll never see him in the same way again. So way to go Resident Evil 2 modders. Way to go.

As for that Pennywise mod? Well, we'll have to wait for someone to make another version of it that doesn't get taken off the internet. Either that, or we could just go see IT: Chapter Two in theaters. It seems plenty frightening on its own.