Uh Oh: Switch Lite Owner Claims System Has Stick Drift

The Nintendo Switch Lite has only been out for a few days now, but already it appears someone has discovered a problem that plagued the original Switch: joystick drift.

YouTuber Alexis Javier shared a video yesterday of the camera in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild moving on its own. Unfortunately, this is typically a telltale sign that the right joystick on the system has developed what's called drift, which causes joysticks to move in a certain direction without input from the player.


The original Nintendo Switch model came under some fire for its Joy-Cons developing drift over time, and as you might recall, Nintendo even began offering repairs for affected Joy-Cons at no cost. But to see the Nintendo Switch Lite have the same potential problem is greatly concerning. Nintendo is already staring down the barrel of a lawsuit over the sticks on the Nintendo Switch. If the company used the same hardware in the Nintendo Switch Lite, even after the stick drift issues came to light on the original model, then yikes.

Of course, this could just be one outlier incident, and the YouTuber could simply send the unit back for a replacement and get one that works totally fine. There could also be some pieces of the story we don't have. Perhaps the YouTuber dropped the Switch Lite, or had some other kind of accident with the console. Some other trauma could be to blame for the joystick drift, in which case, it wouldn't be Nintendo's problem to fix at all.


We'll certainly have our eyes peeled for news about other Nintendo Switch Lites experiencing a similar problem. We imagine that, if the issue is as widespread as it was on the original Nintendo Switch, we'll see other people coming forward with their own stories as time goes on. Stay tuned.