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Here Are The Rarest Pokemon In Pokemon Go

Pokemon games are all about collecting. "Gotta catch 'em all" is the tagline, right? Those who play Pokemon Go have found the rules are no different for that game. You search for Pokemon. You try to catch them. And along the way, you may even be lucky enough to discover the rarest Pokemon in Pokemon Go.


But what are they? Which Pokemon are the hardest to find and are owned by the fewest amount of players?

According to The Gamer, Mew is by far the rarest Pokemon you can find at the moment in Pokemon Go. What makes Mew so tricky to capture, apparently, is that there are SEVEN different quests players need to complete before they even get a shot at trying to catch Mew. And even then, there are no guarantees!

Mewtwo is reportedly right up there, though. Mewtwo has been seen by some lucky souls, but unfortunately, those people were located in just one country: Poland. Are you taking a trip to Poland anytime soon? Do you think you might have time to sneak some Pokemon Go in? If so, you could have a chance at Mewtwo. Otherwise, you'll have to wait for an exclusive gym raid to have a shot at Mewtwo. But he is a weasel when it comes to being captured, so even if he shows up at a nearby gym someday, you'll need to bring your A-game.


And finally, there's Ho-Oh. As far as anyone is aware, Ho-Oh hasn't been spotted in the wild anywhere, which means gym events are pretty much the only times you'll ever see this Pokemon. Ho-Oh is apparently very evasive, has a lot of health, and — to be honest — isn't planning on being caught. So you'll need to be well-stocked and have your Pokemon squad ready to go should Ho-Oh appear at your neighborhood gym in the future.

These are, as of right now, the rarest Pokemon in Pokemon Go. We'll be sure to fill you in as even more rare Pokemon join the game.