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Pokemon Go Teams With UN For World Tourism Day Event

Looking to nab yourself some new (or perhaps new-to-you) Pokemon? You'll get that chance starting tomorrow, thanks to a partnership between Pokemon Go and the United Nations World Tourism Orgnaization.


The limited-time event is being held in honor of World Tourism Day, which has been celebrated by the UNWTO every year since 1980. And it's bringing some very interesting stuff to the game. For instance, you'll be able to pick up a neat UNWTO shirt for your avatar. Shiny Pokemon like Zangoose and Seviper are showing up in their typical regions. And the European players of Pokemon Go be the first to have a shot at Mime Jr., who will be obtainable via 5 kilometer eggs in that region (though players in Europe will need a lot of luck to find that Mime Jr. egg in the first place).

You might not be in Europe, though. But that's okay! There are other Pokemon that'll be hatchable via 5 km eggs in various other regions, so why don't we take a look at those:


Farfetch'd – Asia

Kangaskhan – Australia

Tauros – North America

Heracross – South America, Middle East, Africa, Asia, Australia

Corsola – South America, Middle East, Africa, Asia, Australia

Volbeat – Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Europe

Illumise – North America, South America

Torkoal – Asia

Zangoose – Eastern Hemisphere

Seviper – Western Hemisphere

Lunatone – Eastern Hemisphere

Solrock – Western Hemisphere

Tropius – Africa, Mediterranean

Relicanth – New Zealand

Pachirisu – Alaska, Canada, Russia

Chatot – Southern Hemisphere

Pansage – Asia-Pacific

Pansear – Europe, Middle East, Africa, India

Panpour – Americas

Heatmor – Western Hemisphere

Durant – Eastern Hemisphere

Oh, and there are some new perks being activated over the next few days! From Sept. 26 through Oct. 1, trading Pokemon will cost you 25% less Stardust, you'll receive two times as much XP for spinning new PokeStops, and there'll be new themed Field Research assignments available.

If all of this sounds good to you, the wait won't be long. The Pokemon Go World Tourism Day event kicks off tomorrow, which means you only have a few hours to book that flight to Europe so you can get your Mime Jr. Okay, maybe you won't do that. But there are those other Pokemon available in their real-world regions. So if you have some free time over the next few days, why not go searching?