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Razer Is Teasing Something Xbox One-Related For Tomorrow

"Your living room battlefield is about to get more immersive." That's the promise from Razer in its latest tweet. The company is presumably teasing a product for the Xbox One that it plans to unveil tomorrow. But what is it?


The solid bet seems to be a headset, perhaps one that supports surround sound. That would tick off the immersion box, for sure. The thing is, Razer already makes plenty of Xbox One headsets. The company even created an entire Gears 5 line of products for players on PC and Xbox One, including a keyboard and mouse combo, a lapboard, and a headset. A normal headset doesn't seem all that special, given Razer has several lines of them.

Could Razer be rolling out Xbox One compatible speakers? That's a possibility, too. Though we suppose any speakers the company put out would work all the same with a bunch of other gadgets. So maybe what we'll get is something Xbox One branded, not necessarily built for the console itself.


It seems strange for Razer to hype up a new product like this. Mystery isn't really a thing the company does. There are so many different audio products/keyboards/mice/etc. that we could look at a product name and have no idea if that product was new or if Razer actually released it years ago. 

Maybe we're making this into something more than it deserves, and maybe Razer is going to come along tomorrow and drop a new headset that looks exactly like all of its older headsets.

Or maybe Razer actually has something interesting up its sleeve, and we're going to get a look at an Xbox One accessory that blows our socks off. At the very least, we're now planning to watch an accessory maker's Twitter feed tomorrow to see what the hubbub is all about. So that's something.

We'll report back tomorrow with whatever the Razer thing is.