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Apex Legends Gets A Spooky New Look In Fight Or Fright Event Trailer

Respawn Entertainment has dropped a new trailer for Fight or Fright, the first limited-time event for Apex Legends Season 3: Meltdown. The event will usher in a host of spooky cosmetics, a new mode, and a return to Kings Canyon.


The trailer shows Pathfinder in a nightmarish version of Kings Canyon after he attempts to escape through what he mistakenly perceives as one of Wraith's portals. A mysterious entity appears, pressuring Pathfinder into joining the costumed versions of his fellow Legends to escape the corrupted world. "In my games, you will fear the shadows," says the figure. "Give this one a challenge."

The scene progresses, offering the first look at Shadowfall, the new mode that will kick off as part of Fight or Fright. Shadowfall resurrects solo play, sending you to compete in the nightmare version of Kings Canyon. If you die there, killer spiders will spawn from your deathbox before you return to the map as a member of the Shadow Squad. These shades dish out more melee damage and are equipped with enhanced speed. You win by surviving until there are only 10 players left then joining forces to reach the dropship. If you die and join the Shadow Squad, you can still win by killing off the remaining survivors before they make their escape.


The Fight or Fright trailer also introduces some of the new cosmetics you'll be able to pick up during the promotion, most of which are skins that dress the Legends up in Halloween costumes. Some of the possibilities include a spooky scarecrow outfit for Bloodhound or a clown suit for Caustic. Respawn will reward you with Lifeline's Heirloom, a special legendary item set, if you unlock all 24 event items.

The Apex Legends Fight or Fright Collection Event kicks off tomorrow, October 15, and runs through November 5.