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Destiny 2: You Can Buy A 900 Power Character Boost Now, But Should You?

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep completely changed the way players level up their characters, actually making it easier to reach Power level 900, which is considered the "soft cap" and the start of the end game. Strangely, though, Destiny 2 is now selling a $20 character boost that helps players reach Power level 900 instantly. And it doesn't make much sense.


Here's why you should probably skip out on purchasing the character boost in Destiny 2: Shadowkeep.

The grind from the starting Power level in the game to the soft cap — 750 to 900 — is far and away the easiest in the game. Every single gear drop helps you increase your Power level, whether it's a Rare item (blue), Legendary item (purple) or Exotic item (gold). That means you can theoretically make progress regardless of where you're getting gear. Are you receiving loot drops from Lost Sectors in the EDZ? Those help. Are you picking up new weapons and armor from chests scattered around the Dreaming City? They will boost your Power. Are you spending an entire evening in Crucible or Gambit playlists? At the conclusion of each activity, you'll get some gear, and it'll increase your Power level. As you can see, when you're climbing from 750 to 900, there is no wrong answer.


What purchasing the character boost will do, however, is make you $20 poorer while also robbing you of all the experience points and potential drops you would've received during this very easy grind. And it's not like reaching Power level 900 will let you skip by the Shadowkeep campaign or progress more quickly through your Season Pass. You will still have to do those things. With that in mind: what's the point?

Our recommendation to you is to complete the Shadowkeep campaign, take on some side quests, run some strikes, and play Crucible or Gambit for a night or two. That should get you up to Power Level 900 without a problem. Then the real grind begins.