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Senna: What You Should Know About The Next League Of Legends Champion

Amidst a flurry of announcements during the "Riot Pls" League of Legends 10-year anniversary stream, Riot Games revealed the next champion coming to the game: Senna, The Redeemer.

Who is Senna, The Redeemer?


The name Senna should ring a bell for those familiar with the rich lore of Runeterra, League of Legends' fictional setting. Haunted from childhood by the Black Mist, a malevolent essence corrupted by the magical cataclysm that twisted the Blessed Isles into the Shadow Isles, Senna joined the Sentinels of Light after Urias, a member of the organization, saved her village. With a relic stone pistol in hand, Senna learned to harness the powers of light, transforming into a potent enemy of the darkness.

When her mentor died fighting the Black Mist, Senna sought out his surviving family in Demacia. There she met Lucian, Urias' son, who she recruited to the Sentinels. The two grew close in the ensuing years, eventually declaring their love and dedication to one another through marriage despite the perils of their sacred quest. The stronger their bond grew, the more obsessed Lucian grew with curing Senna's curse. 


It was this obsession that led the pair to the sadistic wraith, Thresh. In the resulting conflict, Senna stepped between the wraith and her husband, saving Lucian from the twisted creature's scythe but dying in the process. Her soul then joined those already trapped in Tresh's lantern.

Shadow's Embrace

Riot unveiled Senna during a brand new trailer. Titled "Shadow's Embrace," the cinematic shows Lucian once more battling Thresh. Though injured and hard-pressed, he manages to drive his broken pistol into Thresh's lantern. Senna escapes, shrouding the area in smoke before solidifying and using her own weapon to throw up a protective barrier around her husband, saving him from a surprise attack from Thresh's scythe. The two embrace, signifying that Senna is back for good, though her time in the lantern has forever changed her.


Senna's official biography expands on the foundation created by the trailer. Through it, we learn that a powerful spirit infected Senna when she first encountered the Black Mist as a child. It was this spirit, this life, that allowed her to thrive in Thresh's lantern, pulling the Mist into herself and severing the hold the lantern had over the souls of the other Sentinels she encountered within. There, she forged a relic-stone cannon from the weapons of fallen Sentinels and, using the Mist she had drawn from them, managed to escape the prison when Lucian's pistol struck true.

What are Senna's abilities?

Senna will serve as the first marksman support champion in League of Legends. Riot designed her to lane with Lucian, her massive Relic Cannon allowing her to support him from afar while he gets up close and personal. As shown in the cinematic trailer, one of her abilities seems to be a ranged shield of some kind. Overall, her skills and stats will blend damage with utility, mixing darkness with light to combat the Black Mist. 


"No longer running from the Mist, Senna now understands the suffering of the souls within. Though it is painful, she draws their Mist into herself, liberating them, and blasting darkness with darkness," reveals her biography. "Embracing her death every time she transforms into a wraith, she becomes like those she fought, only to be reborn again thanks to the life infecting her."

While the developer has not shared Senna's full roster of her abilities, they've promised the first look at her gameplay during the second day of the Worlds Quarterfinals. Public Beta Environment players will get to test The Redeemer out first when she goes live on October 29. She will then transition to the main game on November 10.