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League Of Legends Teases Four New Champions

Riot just revealed Senna, The Reedemer as the next champion to join the League of Legends roster. Though the support marksman has yet to go live, it seems the developer already has four other champions in the works: a marskman, a juggernaut, a jungler, and a melee solo-laner.


Shadow Marksman

The teaser for the new marksman starts on a rather ominous note, posing the question: "What will you sacrifice for your faith?" Riot describes the champion as a person raised from birth to "protect the faith from those who stand in the sun." A warrior of the shadows, this individual has spent their entire life mastering different weapons "swapping through them like cycles of the moon," alone except for a single, guiding voice. 

Based on the wording, it sounds like the new marksman may figure into the age-old conflict between the Winged Sisters, Kayle and Morgana. While Kayle represents unflinching light and order, punishing the sins of mortals with her fiery swords, Morgana seeks truth and redemption for mankind from the shadows. Following their conflict, Kayle abandoned the mortal realms in disgust; however, her return has long been rumored in Demacia. Foreseeing the reckoning Kayle will one day unleash upon the world, it's possible that Morgana, known as The Veiled One in Demacia, chose the new marksman, preparing them to stand against her sister's righteous fury. 


Ionian Pit Fighter

The new juggernaut will originate from the Ionian underground where they distinguished themselves as a pit fighter. "It's been a while since we made a more straightforward, accessible juggernaut, with Darius being the last," revealed the dev team. "This new champion will thrive in the center of a brawl, laughing as they take hit after hit then furiously punching back, releasing all that stored aggression on their enemies' faces." This sounds like a fresh concept for Ionia, an area which has produced a large amount of ninjas and magic wielders.

Other Champions

In the October 2019 Champion Roadmap, lead producer of champions Ryan Mireles revealed that Riot had a few other champions in the early stages of development. Though he did not go into great detail, he did hint that the list included a "whimsical new jungler" and "an edgy solo-lane melee carry." It seems edgy is the new trend, as Senna and the new shadow marksman certainly seem to fit that descriptor. You can expect more information about the jungle and melee carry in another champion roadmap sometime next year.