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Destiny 2: How To Complete Leviathan's Breath Exotic Bow Quest

Remember that awesome looking exotic bow we saw in various Destiny 2 videos prior to Shadowkeep? That bow is now in the game, courtesy of a quest line that dropped today following the weekly reset. It's called Leviathan's Breath, it's a power weapon (read: it makes things go boom) and below, we have details on how you can get it for yourself.


1. The Back Way: To start, you'll need to head to the Tower and find the back way into Banshee-44's workshop. Remember that hidden Daito room in the Hangar of the Tower? Go there first. Upon arriving, you'll discover that another door is now open in that room. There's a path that'll lead you back to the Courtyard area, but the route you need to take is a bit tricky. We recommend watching the video below for guidance. You can pick back up here after you've obtained the quest.

2. Where Are the Keys, Sir?: Upon locating Banshee-44's workshop, you'll actually find that Leviathan's Breath is sitting there in plain sight. Unfortunately, it's in a case, and that case is locked. You'll have to go back to Banshee-44 for further instructions.


3. Intro to Safecracking 101: You'll need to generate a new keycode for the case the Leviathan's Breath is in. In order to gather data for the keycode generator, you'll either need to run strikes or play Gambit. Nightfall strikes will help you complete this step faster, as will Gambit Prime.

4. Advanced Safecracking 201: You're generating keycodes, but there are too many! In order to narrow down the possible number of combinations to the correct code, you'll need to use a bow — this is for an exotic bow, after all — to rack up precision kills against Vex and Cabal.

5. Economics of War: You have enough data for the keycode generator; for some reason, though, you'll need to dive back into a Red War strike, because that's the period of time when Banshee-44 originally set up the code. This will involve running an "epic" version of "The Arms Dealer."

6. Applied Cryptosecurity: You're almost done! You need Banshee-44's biometric authentication, which you can get by simply visiting his stand in the Tower. Easy peasy.

7. Martial Archery 401: Return to Banshee-44's workshop using the same back entrance through the Daito room you used during Step 1. Once you're there, you can claim your Leviathan's Breath exotic bow.


Leviathan's Breath is a power weapon for a reason: it takes a long while to draw back, and it staggers the almighty heavens out of whatever it hits. Not only that, it comes with the Unstoppable perk, which makes it pretty darn useful for running Ordeal Nightfalls.

You will need to have purchased the Season of the Undying pass in order to access this quest, however. So if you find you can't pick up the quest for Leviathan's Breath, you may want to make sure you have Destiny 2's current season pass.

There will be more content coming in Destiny 2's Season of the Undying, so keep checking back.