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Teamfight Tactics Exits Beta, Set 2 To Add New Champions, Elements, And Items

With the Teamfight Tactics beta drawing to a close, Riot Games has shared details about Set 2, including the new champions, elements, and items arriving with Patch 9.22.

Teamfight Tactics' second season, Rise of the Elements, will fully replace the champions, origins, and classes you grew accustomed to during beta. While the overall goal remains the same, the development team has upped the complexity. As the name suggests, elements will replace origins in the new season, and you can deploy unique champions of the same element to unlock different trait bonuses.


Like elements, you can deploy units based on their class, with multiple unique champions of the same class conferring bonuses. In Set 2, classes describe how the champions fight. Most champions have one element and one class, though there are notable special cases, such as Qiyana, whose element corresponds to the random element featured in each match. The featured element also affects the type of Elemental Drake that spawns and the new Elemental Hex system.

Whenever you load into the Convergence, a random hex will be imbued with the featured element of that match, granting the champion who stands on top of it at the start each round a themed buff. A second Elemental Hex is created when the game reaches stage 3-1. Here's a breakdown of the bonuses granted by each type of Elemental Hex:

  • Inferno: Gain attack speed for the duration of combat
  • Ocean: Start combat with additional mana
  • Mountain: Gain permanent health that stacks between rounds and remains even if the champion is moved off the Elemental Hex
  • Wind: Gain dodge chance for the duration of combat

Having played a few games using Set 2 on the League of Legends Public Beta Environment, it feels like the new season has a higher learning curve than its predecessor. The amount of new information and combinations is daunting, complicated further by the fact that its often difficult to tell who is who based on the artwork and character models Riot has chosen to use for the new champion lineup. Hopefully, things will be more clear by the time Rise of the Elements hits the main server on or around November 5.