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Destiny 2's Latest Update Makes Pinnacle Rewards More Powerful

The power climb in Destiny 2 isn't what you'd call a slog, these days; at least, not between 750 and 950. There are plenty of sources for Powerful engrams, which decrypt into gear that is above your current Power level. Reaching Power level 960, though? That was a bit of a chore, at least until today's patch.


Hotfix is now available for download on your platform of choice, and at first glance, it might not seem all that meaty. But trust us when we say it's going to make your grind toward the top of the Destiny 2 mountain a lot easier. Prior to the patch. pinnacle weapon drops — which are the only drops that can help you go from 950 to 960 — were only coming in one number above your current Power level. Now they will drop two numbers above your Power level, which will lessen the amount of time it takes to climb from 950 to 960 pretty significantly.

Players have been complaining about the grind to 960 pretty much since Destiny 2: Shadowkeep launched. Full-time gamers (such as streamers and content creators) hit 950 fairly quickly, only to find that it took a whole lot of luck to progress after that. Everyday players have since caught up and found the grind to be a bit much, as well. With the patch, you're still going to need some of that luck to ensure you're getting the right piece of gear. But reaching Power level 960 should require less pinnacle drops overall, and that is a good thing.


Aside from the bump for pinnacle weapon and armor drops, Hotfix also added some other fixes to the game. There was an issue with Forge Keys not registering on the Mysterious Box quest, for instance. That's been repaired. And two Season Pass weapons, Pluperfect and Temporal Clause, can now drop from the Vex Offensive activity after you've been awarded them.

More Destiny 2 content will undoubtedly be coming in the future. When that happens, we'll let you know.