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Apple Arcade's Six New Games

Apple Arcade continues to treat its subscribers to five new games each Friday. This week, there's a bonus release to keep players occupied over the weekend from a developer who has mastered the art of addictive, aesthetically pleasing games that players can try anytime, anywhere.

Guildlings is a goofy new RPG

Asher Vollmer gained fame for creating the critically acclaimed mobile app Threes, a deceptively simple puzzle game that is impossible to put down. His latest project is Guildlings, "a fantasy adventure in a world of wizards and wifi" created by Sirvo Studios. It's quirky, creative, and feels a little bit like a goofy game of Dungeons & Dragons. The story, rendered in beautiful art and funny dialogue, is split into chapters, the first of which is available today.

Aliens beware: UFO on Tape: First Contact is here

An "out of this world" sequel to the hit 2010 mobile game UFO on Tape, UFO on Tape: First Contact is a high octane adventure that puts you, dear player, behind the wheel and on a quest to prove that aliens are indeed real. All you need is a lead foot and some photographic evidence.

​Takeshi and Hiroshi tells a touching tale of game development

Takeshi and Hiroshi is the adorable, stop-motion story of an aspiring game designer and his little brother. Little Hiroshi loves the games his brother makes but Takeshi is worried about making the games too difficult—he doesn't want Hiroshi to quit playing. Thus, Takeshi and Hiroshi's gameplay is centered around playtesting Takeshi's RPG and making sure the battles are balanced.

Discolored is a haunting puzzle game

Discolored is an exploratory, first-person puzzle game in which the player finds themselves walking through a diner rendered in black and white. Restoring color to the world requires some inventive puzzle solving. As you work out the solutions, you'll slowly uncover clues about what's going on in the game world. The diner also features a "hauntingly beautiful soundtrack" and its share of dark secrets, so, player beware.

Marble It Up: Mayhem! is the best kind of mayhem

Marble It Up: Mayhem! boasts "buttery-smooth" controls, the kind you can experience in all of The Marble Collective's games. This time around, players navigate their marble through various obstacles and hunt down gems. In an all-new multiplayer, marble masters can play tag with their friends through the gravity-defying courses and impossible twists and turns. When they say mayhem, they mean it.

Sociable Soccer lets you play soccer your way

Sociable Soccer is all about soccer and being social. Hence the name. The game allows you to play soccer, either in the game yourself or as a coach on the sidelines, with friends online and offline. By playing and training, you can bring your team to victory. There is also a 60 hour campaign mode. More like "Sizable Soccer," am I right?