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How Long Does It Take To Beat The Legend Of Bum-Bo?

The Binding of Isaac was a breakout success that quickly gained a cult following, and it seems like its creator, Edmund McMillen, can do no wrong in the eyes of his fans. So when he announced that he'd be creating a prequel to The Binding of Isaac called The Legend of Bum-Bo, fans were excited to learn more. But even with the release of a trailer and information about the gameplay, gamers are still somewhat confused about what the game actually is. And one of the big questions surrounding the gameplay is, how long does it take to beat The Legend of Bum-Bo? Though the game is a unique puzzler with endless possible combinations of cards, moves, and levels, there is a definitive answer to that question.


According to game creator Edmund McMillen, one playthrough of The Legend of Bum-Bo should take the average player about one hour. The Steam community seems to agree with this timeline, though some fans say they've shaved that time down to 45 minutes. Because of what the game actually is, though, one playthrough generally isn't enough. The Legend of Bum-Bo is a randomly generated puzzle game. Described by McMillen as a  "deckbuilding roguelike," players will play different variations of Bum-Bo, each one with different abilities and combos. Cards will also be used in the game that can be collected, upgraded, and combined. Because of the highly customizable gameplay, it's possible to play through The Legend of Bum-Bo dozens of times without ever having the same experience twice. 


The unique cardboard art in the game showcases McMillen's signature style that fans have come to associate with his projects. And as you play through the title, you'll come to recognize the typical brand of humor generally associated with The Binding of Isaac and McMillen's other game, Super Meat Boy. Particularly, the fact that Bum-Bo's biggest enemy is poop. In The Legend of Bum-Bo, gamers will follow Bum-Bo as he descends into the sewers to try to find a coin that was stolen from him by a mysterious entity. And if that doesn't sound enough like Stephen King's It to scare you, then the Steam description of "lost children" found in the sewers should seal the deal. 

If you're a fan of The Binding of Isaac, this new installment in the series, though very different from the first game as far as gameplay is concerned, should be right up your alley. And with each playthrough only taking about an hour, it's not a huge commitment for gamers on a time crunch. The Legend of Bum-Bo is available now through the Steam store.