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Sea Of Thieves Heats Up In Seabound Soul Update

Rare delivered several exciting announcements during the opening day of XO19, including the reveal of its new IP, Everwild. Though the studio has now split into two teams, that doesn't mean Sea of Thieves, their pirate simulator, will take the back seat. The swashbuckling live service game continues to evolve and even has a new free monthly update for players to look forward to later this month: The Seabound Soul.


The Seabound Soul update aims to expand on Sea of Thieves' mechanics and story and will introduce a new lore-focused Tall Tale mission. Tall Tales are story-rich quests that incorporate puzzles and environmental challenges. Rare introduced them in the massive Sea of Thieves Anniversary Update back in April. If you're looking for some thrills and chills, you can join Captain Pendragon to unravel the mystery surrounding a feared ship known as The Ashen Dragon. Rare also teased a new threat on its way to the nautical world.

Firebombs, a new ammo type, will infuse combat with some added heat and explosive power. You can load the firebombs into cannons or lob them directly at your opponents. New cosmetics and commendations will also go live in The Arena, Sea of Thieves' competitive multiplayer mode.


Rare has shared little about the Sea of Thieves update or Everwild, which seems like a cross between Breath of the Wild and a Studio Ghibli film. You can expect a more comprehensive breakdown of the content arriving with The Seabound Soul in the coming days. Everwild news, including its release date, will likely arrive as the team moves further into the development cycle. In the meantime, you can continue to enjoy Sea of Thieves' steady stream of monthly events.

The Seabound Soul comes to Xbox One and PC on November 20. The update will be free for all players regardless of how far they've progressed in the game.