The Sims 4: Discover University Is Out Today (Skip School And Play)

Today marks the release of a new The Sims 4 expansion, Discover University. As the title implies, Sims can attend one of two colleges, choosing their majors, classes, and extracurriculars. We're particularly interested in that secret society... 


But wait, why are there two universities? Wouldn't one be enough? It all depends on what kind of experience you want your Sim to have. Britechester offers an Oxford-esque look with old, stone buildings while the Foxbury Institute is the epitome of a modern, sleek center of technological advancement. As usual, The Sims is all about choice, so your studious Sim can choose between these two bastions of learning, whether or not they want to live on campus or at home, and if they ever actually go to class. 

Much like reality, there are consequences for slacking off. The aim of attending university is to take classes that build toward a degree. The Discover University expansion has added careers as a lawyer, a teacher, an engineer, or a college dropout (if you fail all your classes, that is). 


All this information and more leaked ahead of EA's announcement of the massive expansion. Due to an apparently accidental update to the Xbox Store, we learned of the return of roommates, the addition of bikes and mini-fridges, and the villainy classes players are able to take alongside their computer science, biology, and art history courses. 

From a jam-packed trailer we later learned that "juice" is an essential part of the college experience. We're talking "juice pong" and keg stands. But hey, a little fruit juice never hurt anyone, right? Partying rather than studying cost the Discover University trailer protagonist her scholarship. She then had to take out a loan to pay for school. As much fun as this hefty addition to The Sims 4 looks, it is still steeped in some rather unfortunate realities. 

Discover University is available today for Mac and PC and will come to Playstation 4 and Xbox One on December 17, just in time for holiday break.