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Here's How Much Money FaZe Jarvis Made From Fortnite Before His Ban

It turns out there's no such thing as the "celebrity treatment" when it comes to cheating in Fortnite. Professional gamer FaZe Jarvis learned this the hard way when he received a lifetime ban for cheating in the hugely popular battle royale game. Now that Jarvis can no longer play Fortnite, his entire livelihood is in peril because of his mistake. But at the young age of 18, how much income could he have generated by playing a game?


Here's how much money FaZe Jarvis made from Fortnite before his ban.

The website EsportsEarnings reports Jarvis' total Fortnite winnings at around $9,500. This doesn't seem like much money, but chances are, where Jarvis' finances are concerned, most of his income came from streaming Fortnite rather than playing competitively. When you consider donations from viewers, subscriber fees, and ad revenue, Jarvis was probably racking up the dough from his streams. While reports on his exact net worth vary, most sites put Jarvis' net worth between $500,000 and $2.8 million.

We don't know how much of that money came from Fortnite itself, but given that Fortnite is what Jarvis is best known for, we imagine the majority of his income came from channels related to it. Now that he can no longer access the game, his main source of income has essentially been cut off.


Struggling to speak to his fans through tears, Jarvis made a video on Nov. 3, 2019 apologizing for the fact that he had cheated. And though we've seen apology videos from influencers who've messed up in the past, his apology did, at least, seem sincere. It makes sense that he'd have such a strong reaction to his lifetime ban from his favorite game: not only because of the entertainment value he'll be losing in his life, but because playing Fortnite was his actual career. 

Jarvis stated in his apology video that he wouldn't be able to go to gaming tournaments or conventions anymore, and wouldn't be able to meet with his fans like he had in the past. He also reiterated several times how much he wished he could go back and undo the damage he caused, saying that if he knew how serious the repercussions would be, he never would have considered cheating in the first place.

Jarvis was found to be using aimbots during his videos, which is strictly prohibited in Fortnite, as is cheating of any kind. And though some other professional gamers think Jarvis should receive special treatment for being an internet celebrity, it doesn't look like Epic Games feels the same way.

As of now, Jarvis' lifetime ban is still in place.