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Meet League Of Legends' New Champion Aphelios

Even though we were treated to a new League of Legends champion not too long ago with Senna, Riot has decided that the season of giving has come early. We're now being introduced to Aphelios, the Weapon of the Faithful. But what does that title mean? Who is that ghostly girl behind him? Where does he get his hair done? 


Here's what we know about Aphelios: he's actually two characters in one. Aphelios has a twin sister named Alune, who gives him magical, moonstone weapons in accordance with the phases of the moon. Both were born into the Lunari faith on a lunar eclipse and were destined for greatness. Aphelios trained tirelessly as an assassin and marksman, while Alune embraced the more spiritual side of their religion, training as a seer and user of magic. We know that Aphelios made himself mute by embracing the pain of the poisonous noctum flowers that would give him the power of the night. But Alune... why is she just a specter of herself? 

One special night, an ancient and magical temple phased into the physical world, accepting only one gifted seerer inside. Alune entered, and at that moment, the Solari that ruled their country of Targon attacked. They saw these moon worshippers as heretics. Through the amplifying magic of the temple, Alune was able to connect to the poison in her brother's veins and guide him, putting mystical weapons into his hands. And that should help the above image make a little more sense.


Anyway, that's the backstory of Aphelios and Alune. But what does this mean when it comes to Aphelios' gameplay? Expect Aphelios to have a whole host of weapons at his disposal, thanks to his connection to Alune. He fills the role of marksman, but we're not exactly sure what abilities he may have. We'll likely learn more about how Aphelios plays soon, considering that the League of Legends preseason is about to begin. The best time to introduce a mysterious champion like Aphelios is when the changes are still fresh and players are still getting adjusted.

We'll report back should more League of Legends news pop up.