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Untitled Goose Game Socks Are Apparently In The Works

Video game news writing is a roller coaster. Sometimes you're in the upside-down loop, scrambling to cover a story about the latest game announcement or studio acquisition. Other times, you're under the canopy where the ride starts, rolling along at less than a mile per hour, reporting on socks.


Today is the first Monday after a holiday, and the biggest story making the rounds right now is — you guessed it — about socks.

Not to knock the socks; they're fashioned after the goose from Untitled Goose Game, the smash indie hit from a few months back. They're charming in the same way the game is charming, even though the "protagonist" is a bit of a jerk. And the socks are versatile. You can wear them on your feet. You can fill them full of candy and hang them like a stocking. You can even pull them over your hands and put on an Untitled Goose puppet show. That last one seems to be the preferred way of using the socks. So are they really socks, then?

According to House House, the studio behind Untitled Goose Game, more news about the socks will come "later in the week." So we can't tell you when these will arrive yet or how much they will cost. We assume, though, that the studio will want to get these onto a storefront of some kind before Christmas. Untitled Goose Game has many, many fans, and those fans would undoubtedly be thrilled to find a pair of goose socks under the tree.


Even if they don't plan on using them as socks, which many probably won't.

In the meantime, Untitled Goose Game is out now on PC and Nintendo Switch. If you're a prankster and you love geese, you'll likely love the game. We'll keep an eye on the House House Twitter account for more news on the socks, and update you should a release date be announced.