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Red Dead Online Introduces Shiny New Moonshiner Role

Ready to put the boot into bootlegging? Red Dead Online, as befits a Rockstar game, wants to let players build up moonshine empires, open speakeasies, and befuddle the law via a new Specialist Role: Moonshiner. Part of Frontier Pursuits, players will be able to forgo the more reputable roles of trader, collector, and bounty hunter in order to pursue a boozier way to make end's meet come Dec. 13. 


Here's how you, too, can take up moonshining: Traders who have completed a sell mission or reached Rank 5 will receive the honor of meeting Maggie Fike, moonshiner extraordinaire. She's not someone you want to mess with, and certainly someone worth learning from. After hearing about the boozing business, you can choose to purchase a Moonshining Shack and get started on making that sweet, sweet hooch. Just be sure to keep things on the down-low: moonshining isn't exactly legal, after all, but it sure can be profitable. 

As a Moonshiner, your role will revolve around perfecting your distilling method, beating out the competition, and keeping away from the law. Maggie will help you out, giving you valuable connections and information... for a price. She has vengeance in mind, and you have the skills needed to help her take down a former rival through new story missions. When all the action has died down and you start raking in the cash from your moonshine empire, you can invest in opening a speakeasy. 


In this password-protected speakeasy, you can serve your finest moonshine, pick out the decor, and even hire a band to make the merrymaking extra merry. We expect that this will be a pricey operation that players will have to steadily work toward, but after opening the speakeasy, Moonshiners can rest... easy

The Moonshiner role unlocks on Dec. 13. Maggie Fike awaits.