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Minecraft Cross-Play Coming Soon For PS4 Players

Minecraft, one of the world's most popular games, is available on just about every platform out there. But not all these versions are the same. In the past, PlayStation 4 players were limited; they didn't have the latest content and were unable to play with friends on other platforms. An update coming Dec. 10 will change all of that.


Tomorrow, PS4 players will find that their Minecraft: PlayStation 4 Edition will update automatically to the Bedrock Edition. This update will give them access to all the latest content and the ability to play with friends on Xbox, Switch, or even mobile. PS4 is about two years late to the 2017 "Better Together" update that allowed for Switch, Xbox, and mobile player to mine and craft together. A trailer put out by Sony shows a PlayStation fan enjoying everything she's been missing out on alongside a friend with a Switch and a buddy with an Xbox. Better late than never, right?

PlayStation 4 Minecraft players have been unable to access the latest and greatest in the blocky world of Minecraft: bees and their honey blocks, a new character creator, and certain world settings among other things. PS4 players will also be able to keep their progress with them, no matter which console they may wander to. They will have to betray their Sony loyalties and make an Xbox account to do so, but Microsoft isn't forcing anyone to pay for Xbox Live, nor will PS4 players have to buy a new copy of Minecraft. Like we said, your game will automatically update to the definitive Bedrock Edition.


This announcement, although exciting, effectively heralds the end of Minecraft console edition. One of the last holdouts is the PS Vita Edition. Considering Sony's feelings toward portable consoles, we don't think the Vita will be getting the Bedrock update anytime soon.