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The Most Bizarre PS5 Device Was Just Leaked

Sony has yet another weird patent that it was unable to keep under wraps. Before, we seemed to have gotten a look at the next step of the PlayStation VR's evolution. Today... we're not exactly sure what we're looking at. A new PS Vita? A new controller? A smart remote?


The patent, discovered by Dutch site LetsGoDigital, depicts a "PlayStation Multifunctional Game Controller." This sharp, blocky device looks like a Joy-Con-less chrome Nintendo Switch, or what a Game Boy Micro might look like if Nintendo designed it today. It has a small screen listing just a few options: watch TV, play game, check email, and view images. It is strangely reminiscent of an old school, knock off iPod Touch, and in fact, another screen allows users to listen to music, play a mini-game, or play a game with friend. What can't it do?

LetsGoDigital notes that this "device has memory of its own and can be connected to other devices, including PCs, gaming consoles, and TV sets." These options follow with the prevailing theory that this weird little box might be a smart remote that keeps players connected with their PlayStation 5 at all times. It can access both a player's PS5 and their PC, so players can stream a game from their PC to their TV. Don't have a DualShock controller on hand? No problem: this remote is also a fully-fledged controller with all the usual buttons you find on a DualShock controller. It doesn't look like it has been designed in the most ergonomic way, but it does feature a gyroscope and an accelerometer. 


We know that Sony is working on a new DualShock controller, and it is possible the DualShock 5 could have some of the same features listened in this mysterious patent. Or could it be that this odd box is actually the DualShock 5? Did Sony purposely disguise their DualShock 5 as this uncomfortable, retro-esque do-dad? Right now we can only speculate.