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Smash Bros. YouTube Upload Suggests A Big Game Awards Announcement Is Coming

There's going to be a lot of news at this year's Game Awards, and it looks like Nintendo is primed to make a big Super Smash Bros. Ultimate announcement at the ceremony tomorrow night. Could Master Chief be joining the roster at last? Probably not, but we can dream.


While we're not so sure that this news will be Halo-related (please prove us wrong, Geoff Keighley), we are convinced that a private video uploaded to the official Super Smash Bros. Ultimate YouTube channel has something to do with The Game Awards. We know for sure that "around 10 new games/projects" will be announced during the ceremony. There's plenty to be hyped for, but the announcement of the Smash Fighter's Pass' fifth fighter would also be welcome news.

But who might this new fighter be? Last week, we reported on a "leak" from 4chan that suggested none other than Halo's own Master Chief would be coming to Smash. Players have wanted this for years, but the leaked audio file is suspiciously low quality. Cortana talking about "some guy named Mario" doesn't exactly sound professionally written or produced. Rumor had it that this was part of a rehearsal for an announcement set to take place at — you guessed it — The Game Awards.


While we're not sure Master Chief will make the cut, there are other fighters rumored to be coming to the Super Smash fray. Could the fifth fighter be Geno? Doom Guy? Devil May Cry's Dante? Overwatch's Tracer?

We'll have to wait for official word from Nintendo before lending credence to any of these wild rumors. We're sincerely hoping that this mysterious, unreleased video on the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate YouTube channel is indeed about the fifth fighter. What else might Nintendo announce? Whatever it is, we're hopeful that we'll find out tomorrow night.