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The Epic Games Store Is Still Working On This Long-Awaited Feature

The Epic Games Store surely shook up 2019, changing the PC digital storefront landscape as we know it. Through its aggressive exclusives strategy and competitive game deals, it became a force to be reckoned with.


And it still doesn't have a wishlist function.

In its end-of-year update, Epic published a blog post outlining some changes it made to the platform and upcoming ones we can expect. Thankfully, the wishlist showed up in the latter. The company previously announced it was working on the feature back in October, and it even used the same image of a wishlist back in that blog post. This time around, though, the update mentioned that it's taking longer than Epic expected to implement the feature.

In terms of actual changes to the storefront, this end-of-year update brought coupons to the Epic Games Store, giving consumers new avenues to save money on the shop. Additionally, the game library got a visual redesign, letting you see more of your games at once. The entire store also got an optimization update, speeding up the overall experience of browsing the store and your library. This also takes some of the CPU load off your device, generally cutting down a lot of input delay the store previously had.


The wishlist isn't the only feature that's still on the horizon for the Epic Games Store. Soon, you can expect to find reviews from critics integrated right into game pages. The feature is implemented in the backend of the store, so hopefully that feature comes sooner rather than later, especially since it was also mentioned back in that October update. Epic will be teaming up with OpenCritic to bring these reviews to the store. This seems to be the company's answer to Steam reviews, which curate user-written reviews rather than a database of reviews from gaming websites.