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The Witcher Meets Total War In Bizarre New Mod

There is much more to the world of The Witcher than just fighting monsters. The games allude to complicated politics and countless factions who all seem to have a bone to pick with each other. Readers of the books will tell you that there is more war than adventure in store for Geralt and the gang. Total War modders want to recreate this intricate web of alliances and antagonists in Witcher: Total War.


The mod is a total conversion of Medieval 2: Total War, transforming the map into Geralt's own Continent. You'll find the Northern Realms, the Southern Realms, and the more otherworldly holds like Mahakam, Dol Blathanna, and more. All in all, there are a total of 29 playable factions. Like we said, it's a complicated world. Protagonist Geralt of Rivia makes it easy on himself by often ignoring borders and politics, trying — and failing — to stay "Witcher neutral."

If this mod sounds like a lot of work to make, that's because it is. Right now, this project is in very early development, but the people behind it have a lot of ambitious ideas. According to the mod's developer diaries, mappers and modelers are hard at work, rendering the Northern Realms. So far, we have a peek at Novigrad and Velen, places that will be highly familiar to players of The Witcher 3


If you're interested in The Witcher games for their supernatural elements, fear not. This Total War mod won't be totally ignoring the magical, mysterious parts of The Continent. Players will be able to become The Wild Hunt or the elven rebels called the Scoia'tael. Monsters will indeed lurk about, but don't expect them to show up in battles. The dev diaries say that they are taking inspiration from Gwent when designing the units that will clash when it comes, as it inevitably does, to war.

We'll keep you updated as this mod progresses.