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The Most Incredible Creations Made Using Dreams

Prospective game designers, your dreams just came true thanks to Media Molecule's Dreams. Dreams is a game that can be used to make other games, characters, environments, and music. Complete with a downright adorable interface, Dreams encourages players to make their dreams come true and share them with others. That's exactly what some talented creators have been doing. 

Dreams is in early access right now for the PlayStation 4, but when it launches on February 14, 2020, the possibilities appear endless. Feel free to make battle royales, first person shooters, 8-bit platformers, thousand-level maps, movies, and more. Or full English breakfasts.

Full English art

John Beech — a designer at Dreams developer Media Molecule — shared a photorealistic meal that has been making the rounds on the internet. His interpretation of a full English breakfast, complete with eggs, baked beans, mushrooms, and sausage, is mouthwateringly amazing. Beech is also the architect behind some other cool creations, like this crossbow and this cozy billiards set up.

A return to P.T.

Dreams can also be used to resurrect dearly departed developments like Hideo Kojima's canceled Silent Hills. Working downloads of P.T. are in short supply, but don't worry: lewisc729 recreated that cursed, creepy hallway from P.T. down to a T. It doesn't have quite the same polish as a fully-fledged Konami game, but it certainly is an impressive testament to the power of Dreams.

Remaking the Final Fantasy 7 Remake

We're just a couple months away from the release of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake, but one fan was evidently unable to wait. Rather than count down the days to March 3, sosetsuken5360 decided to remake the game themselves in Dreams. In this short but sweet demo, Cloud, Tifa, and Barret kick some Air Buster butt. Sosetsuken5360's version harkens mostly back to the original, more cartoon-y designs, but this looping demo is undoubtedly Final Fantasy 7.

The OG Metal Gear Solid in HD

Bearly Regal has done what Konami never will: create an HD remaster of the OG Metal Gear Solid. In a teaser video, complete with a Solid Snake impersonator, we watch as Snake sneaks about in an environment that pays homage to the original 1998 game, but is vastly more easy on the eyes. Dreamers like Bearly Regal are able to work on huge undertakings like this via Media Molecule's latest creation.