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Completing Your PokeDex Just Got Easier Than Ever

Filling out a PokeDex is one of the goals of each and every Pokemon game. It's no easy task: there are hundreds of critters to catch, and some aren't even featured in your version of the game. To catch 'em all, you have to trade with other players that have the twin to your title. Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield players have taken it upon themselves to make it easier than ever to trade version exclusive Pokemon.


In Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield, players can randomly trade via surprise trade, or use codes to connect with friends via the Internet and link trade. The community has made it so that certain codes correspond to certain Pokemon. You can fill out your PokeDex by entering these codes and connecting with kind players that have a surplus of version exclusive Pokemon.

For example, Sword players can offer up a Seedot and expect a Shield-exclusive Lotad in return. It's a pretty sweet deal, and a very smart strategy that the community has come up with.

  • 7201: Deino – Larvitar
  • 7202: Jangmo-o – Goomy
  • 7203: Galarian Farfetch'd – Galarian Ponyta
  • 7204: Turtonator – Drampa
  • 7205: Mawile – Sableye
  • 7206: Gothita – Solosis
  • 7207: Rufflet – Vullaby
  • 7208: Sawk – Throh
  • 7209: Seedot – Lotad
  • 7210: Swirlix – Spritzee
  • 7211: Scarggy- Croagunk
  • 7212: Solrock – Lunatone
  • 7213: Passimian – Oranguru
  • 7214: Basculin (Red Stripe) – Basculin (Blue Stripe)
  • 7215: Galarian Darumaka – Galarian Corsola
  • 7216: Flapple – Appletun
  • 7217: Stonjourner – Eiscue
  • 7218: Zacian – Zamazenta

What's more is that the trades extend to starters, which can be nearly impossible to get a hand on without trading. The community has set up these codes to prepare for the addition of Kanto starters Bulbasaur and Squirtle when the new Pokemon DLC, The Isle of Armor, comes out in June.

  • 7301: Grookey – Scorbunny
  • 7302: Grookey – Sobble
  • 7303: Scorbunny – Sobble
  • 7304: Bulbasaur – Squirtle
  • 7305: Bulbasaur – Charmander
  • 7306: Squirtle – Charmander

Like we said, it's easier than ever to attain those difficult-to-catch Pokemon. You don't even have to search and scrounge for certain evolution items. Want a Steelix? A Milotic? No problem. There's a code for that.

  • 7107: Onyx with Metal Coat
  • 7108: Rhydon with Protector
  • 7109: Feebas with Prism Scale
  • 7110: Dusclops with Reaper Cloth
  • 7111: Swirlix with Whipped Dream
  • 7112: Spritzee with Satchet

What started as a simple Reddit post has turned into a global effort of cooperation. Pokemon players are working together to make filling out your PokeDex easier than ever.