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Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Update Gives Players A Cool New Lightsaber

Christmas has come late to Star Wars: Fallen Jedi players. Better late than never, right? Preorders of the game came loaded with a Mygeeto Campaign Lightsaber Hilt, an Umbaran Campaign Lightsaber Hilt, a BD-1 Skin, a Gold Squadron Stinger Mantis Skin, and an orange blade for their lightsaber. Respawn apparently decided that it wasn't fair for just those who preordered the game to have these exclusive items.


The latest update, live today, allows for everyone to get their hands on formerly exclusive content. Following the post of the patch notes to Reddit, players responded with a hearty thank you for these new cosmetics. They're just cosmetic — orange doesn't give you an advantage over the Empire — but are nevertheless much appreciated by the community.

This update was largely about some fixes and improvements that were sorely needed; for instance, Respawn fixed a game breaking bug that allowed the Photomode camera to explode rockets. Yes, that was a thing, but no more.

"We've fixed this to ensure that you can continue playing the game after using Photomode," Respawn wrote. "Unfortunately, this also means that rockets will be unaffected by the camera moving forward."


Additionally, Bounty Hunters will no longer be stuck in Zeffo, and Gorgara will no longer disappear on Dathomir.

Despite these bugs, Fallen Order has been lauded as a huge success. It's the Star Wars games that players were waiting for: Force powers, lightsabers, cute droids, and a great story, too. We're glad that it was about Jedi rather than "bounty hunters and blasters." The game has gotten rave reviews and it looks like there just might be a sequel in the works, thanks to its focus on all things mystical and magical in our favorite faraway galaxy.

The latest update has improved this galaxy and handed out gifts, too. Enjoy those orange lightsabers, young Padawans.