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Luigi's Mansion 3 Glitch Is Good News For Speedrunners

It's not cheating — it's just being creative. Speedrunners are always looking for glitches and ways to weedle their way out of long, arduous battles. One clever Luigi's Mansion 3 player has discovered a way to skip out on a whole boss fight, saving a serious amount of time for people serious about speedrunning.


Usually in Luigi's Mansion games, players have to vacuum up every single ghost, especially the one with names and personalities. There's one piano-punching fiend called Amadeus Wolfgeist that puts on one hell of a concert. He throws around furniture left and right, preventing brave little Luigi from getting to a Toad painting. In typical video game logic, you have to beat the boss in order to win the prize. Reddit user TheSilentTempest has discovered that getting to that painting is actually a breeze.

In order to use this glitch, players need to propel Luigi onto Wolfgeist's stage. TheSilentTempest then explains that prospective speedrunners will need to position Luigi on the left side of the stage. (That's stage right for you theatre geeks.) This can be done by using Luigi's new boost ability, which is definitely not a fart. (We think.)


Then, during the second stage of the boss fight, players can sic Gooigi on the dancing ghosts that Wolfgeist summons. From there, it's all about timing. Watch carefully for the prompt above Luigi — he's able to open the door right in the middle of the fight. 

After getting into the room with the Toad painting, the boss fight is essentially pointless, so the game allows you to skip it after saving and reloading. Neat. This is gold for speedrunners.

Finding glitches like this takes a ridiculous amount of trial and error, so these speedy players are always looking around the internet for tips and tricks. Here's the perfect one for those who want to explore Luigi's latest mansion at supersonic speeds.