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How Long Does It Take To Beat The Walking Dead: Saints And Sinners?

The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners is finally available for VR gamers. This adaptation of the unstoppable horror franchise picks up in New Orleans one year after the zombie outbreak and puts players in the shoes of a survivor of the apocalypse. 


The game presents players with moral choices that can alter their playing experience significantly. Will you form bonds with fellow survivors or will you eliminate the competition and steal their precious supplies for yourself? Are you a survivor who relies on stealth to avoid the walkers, or will you come in like a zombie-slaying wrecking ball? Saints and Sinners accommodates both playing styles, so you get to make the apocalypse work for you. So with all of those options at your disposal, you may be wondering how long this game takes to complete.

During a hands-on demo of the game, Geek.com's Tony Polanco was told by the developers that the game ran roughly 15 hours. This seems to mostly be backed up by UploadVR's review of the full game. According to that review, "it's about 18 hours long, give or take a few depending on how slowly (or aggressively) you play." 


In other words, if you're the type of player who likes to really get into the minutiae of scavenging for supplies or knocking out every side mission, then you'll most likely get your money's worth. After all, 18 hours is a pretty hefty amount of content for a VR-only game. 

In addition to the decently sized campaign, Saints and Sinners is getting some solid reviews for its storyline and gameplay. In particular, the Daily Express' review of the game praised its "sickly satisfying combat" and hailed it as the best Walking Dead game since the Telltale series. This is great news for fans who have felt underwhelmed by the last few Walking Dead video games, a few of which were major flops that didn't follow through on the promise of the franchise.