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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX - What We Know So Far

The Pokemon Company recently announced that a cult classic in the franchise is getting a revival. The original two Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games, Blue Rescue Team and Red Rescue Team, are being remade as Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX for the Nintendo Switch. For some fans, this announcement was kind of a dream come true.


The Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games retain gameplay elements of the main installments of the series, but there are some differences. For one, all of the Pokemon in these games don't travel with a trainer. Instead, they speak to one another and use this ability to help those in need. Two, as the name suggests, these games are dungeon-crawling RPGs. Much of your time in these games will be spent in randomly-generated dungeons, battling it out with aggressive Pokemon in the kind of turn-based combat the series is best known for.

The new version of the game features a revamped art style and other graphical improvements. Otherwise, its similarities to the original game should be pretty comforting for fans. Come along with us as we go over what to expect from this return to Mystery Dungeon.


When will Rescue Team DX be released?

Luckily for fans who have missed this sub-series in the franchise, they won't have to wait terribly long for the new game to arrive. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX will be available for the Nintendo Switch on March 6, 2020.


This will be a great way for fans to tide themselves over while they wait for Pokemon Sword and Shield to release their first DLC

Is there a demo for Rescue Team DX?

Alongside the announcement, a downloadable demo for the game was added to the Nintendo eShop. This demo takes players through the early parts of the game to give them a feel for what Rescue Team DX has to offer.


As in the original, Rescue Team DX begins with a human who has somehow found themselves transformed into a Pokemon. The game will then put players in the role of one of sixteen Pokemon. The monster the player becomes will be determined by a personality test.

Once your starter Pokemon are picked, the demo allows players to begin on their first quests, helping Pokemon in need. The demo also introduces players to towns where they can rest, shop for supplies, and train between battles. The demo indicates a real love for the original game. 

In a review of the demo, The Nerd Stash's Kabriel Hoover said the new version manages to "take all the charm, fun, and mystery from the original two games and bring it into the modern age with a nice tune-up. "


Who are the characters in Rescue Team DX?

As mentioned previously, the Pokemon you are turned into is dependent upon a personality test taken at the beginning of the game. The sixteen possibilities are all from the first three generations of Pokemon games. Players can become Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Charmander, Cyndaquil, Totodile, Chikorita, Treecko, Torchic, Mudkip, Pikachu, Eevee, Machop, Cubone, Psyduck, Meowth, or Skitty. You can also choose to pick a Pokemon different from the one the game recommends. Players will then choose a partner from the same list of monsters to accompany them on their journey. 


It's recommended that players pick a Pokemon partner that will cover whatever elemental weakness their starter has. For instance, if you wind up with Fire Type Pokemon Cyndaquil, you should probably pick Pikachu to back you up against any Water Types that come after you. These are the kinds of strategies that Pokemon players are used to considering, but they take on an even greater importance when the protagonist themselves is a Pokemon. As with most Pokemon games, you can recruit more monsters along the way, but picking your first teammate requires some careful thinking.