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Cyberpunk 2077 Has A Wild Number Of Missions

We may have to wait longer to finally play CD Projekt Red's Cyberpunk 2077 for ourselves, but at least we know we'll have plenty of content to keep us busy when we do. 

In a recent interview with On MSFT, CD Projekt Red's John Mamais dove into a bit more detail concerning some of the mission types that would be present in the game's open world. More specifically, he discussed Street Stories, which are more distinct from other side quest and story missions within the game.


Street Stories are side hustles within the game that are designed by CD Projekt Red's open world team. While there are smaller encounters sprinkled throughout the game, these Street Stories have been carefully crafted to flesh out the world of the game and offer opportunities to level up your character. The most exciting part of this conversation may have been Mamais' estimate that there are around 75 Street Stories within Cyberpunk 2077.

Due to the sheer number of side quests and Street Stories, Mamais also couldn't even begin to guess how long the game would take to complete. In other words, there's a lot to get up to in Night City.

Cyberpunk 2077's Street Stories have consequences

As detailed in an interview from last year, Street Stories will be similar to the kind of monster hunting missions within The Witcher 3. While there are more substantially sized side quests within Cyberpunk 2077, Street Stories will be more focused on smaller-scale world-building.


They'll also play out much like an actual job. In other words, it's possible to fail a Street Story mission. As explained by CD Projekt Red Quest Design Coordinator Philip Webber, "These jobs can be very varied and of course also benefit a lot from our different play styles." 

In other words, these missions will give you multiple routes through which you may solve them. However, if you don't get the job done, you don't get a second chance at trying it. On the bright side, that just means there are over 70 more chances to see one of these missions through. We'll get to see how unforgiving the mean streets of Night City can be when Cyberpunk 2077 arrives Sept. 17.