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Final Fantasy 7 Remake's Delay Comes With Even More Bad News

You might have heard by now that Final Fantasy 7 Remake has been delayed. It's not a drastic release date change by any stretch — it's now coming a month later — but fans of the series are still down in the dumps about it. And we get it! People have been looking forward to FF7 Remake for years. Any delay at this point feels like torture.


But while PlayStation 4 owners can still get their hands on the remake in April, the wait will be even longer for players on other platforms.

The PS4 has a full year of exclusivity for Final Fantasy 7 Remake, and back before the delay, that window would've ended on March 3, 2021. Unfortunately, it seems the deal between Sony and Square Enix is tied to the day the game actually comes out. And if you're a smart cookie, you probably know where this is going next. If you primarily play on PC, Xbox One, or Nintendo Switch, you might want to sit down.

PlayStation 4 exclusivity will last even longer

Ready for the bad news? Okay, here it goes: The earliest any other platform will get Final Fantasy 7 Remake is April 10, 2021. That is one year after the game's new release date, and nearly one year and two months from now. That is going to feel like an eternity for people who don't own a PlayStation 4, especially as conversations fly around online ahead of and after the game's launch.


What's worse is that Square Enix has yet to confirm the game will even come to other platforms. Most assume it will; there's no point in negotiating for one year of exclusivity if you're not releasing your game anywhere else. But that day in April 2021 is just the earliest Square Enix could potentially release Final Fantasy 7 Remake on other machines. What if ports aren't being worked on yet? That could mean an even longer wait.

We're sure Square Enix will be asked about other versions of FF7 Remake following the game's PS4 release — hopefully repeatedly. Should the company share any details, we'll be sure to get you an update.