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This Controller-Fetching Corgi Will Steal Your Heart

Ahh, corgis. Everyone loves corgis. They're some of the most adorable dogs in existence. When the last Steam Summer Sale included a Team Corgi in the field, everyone wanted to join it. These little rascals have a penchant for pulling on heartstrings everywhere. And that, mind you, was before this video started making the rounds.


Now a bunch of gamers are going to want a corgi; not because they desire the companionship of a dog, necessarily, but because they want a controller fetcher.

Meet Ketchup, who — for this fleeting internet moment — is lord of the corgis.

Corgi fetches Xbox controller. What a good girl, 14/10 would recommend. from

If you've ever had a dog in your life, you're likely well aware of how difficult they are to train. It takes a lot of work to get your canine pal to understand, "sit," and even then, you have to bribe them with treats if you want your words to become actions. Ketchup the corgi isn't totally innocent in that regard; it still took a snack to get that Xbox controller out of the drawer and into her owner's hands.


And it seems more people are marveling at Ketchup's treat of choice than the impressive fetch job itself.

A cucumber?!

Yes, this is a tale of two amazing oddities. There is the corgi that will gladly retrieve an Xbox One controller out of a drawer. And there is also the corgi that will perform stunts for the world, not for Beggin' Strips or bully sticks, but for a cucumber slice. Reddit couldn't believe it.


"This dog just did a trick for a vegetable and I can barely get up for a donut," wrote one user.

"If any of the dogs I've owned would think [of] cucumber as a treat I'd be so so happy," wrote another.

"The most surprising part is the incentive. A slice of cucumber? My dogs would look visibly hurt if I offered them vegetables," a third person added.

Fortunately, some were able to see past the cucumber and focus on the actual video game-related aspect of Ketchup's effort.

"Lmao all these comments on the dog messing up the controller," one Redditor posted. "You taught your dog to get your controller on demand. All my dog does is huff if I have the volume too loud during a gaming session. You deserve a damn medal."


We're not sure if all dogs truly go to heaven, but we do know one thing: Ketchup deserves to. Good girl, Ketchup.