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How Long Does It Take To Beat Dreams?

Media Molecule's Dreams is a sandbox creation game that asks players to let their imaginations flow freely. But wait: if this software is all about what the players create, how can there be a way to beat it? While it's true that the core of the "game" is about making games and playing through the works of others, it turns out there is indeed a campaign.


Art's Dream is a story experience that comes packed in with Dreams, serving as a brief but fascinating look at the power of the Dreams software. The main story mode — a mishmash of point-and-click, platforming, and twin-stick shooting — takes just over three hours to complete. Essentially, this short but sweet game is a preview of what's possible. Art's Dream was made entirely with the software that players now have in their hands. 

Art's trippy adventure with his stuffed animals, regrets, and a downright adorable robot is a strange, twisting tale that never quite settles on a tone. It is simultaneously melancholy and hilarious; lighthearted and grave. It gives players look at what's possible, and using Dreams, players could even craft their very own Art's Dream 2 if they're so inclined.


Original creations, however, are what will power Dreams in the future.

What Dreams is all about

Just think of Art's Dream as an in-depth, extra-long preview. It's a tutorial level that helps players find some inspiration for what they themselves might make in the game. Media Molecule wants players to build their very own original creations, whether they're delicious-looking full English breakfasts or P.T.-inspired hallways.


Dreams will be releasing in full come Feb. 14, just in time for Valentine's Day, but players have made good use of the Early Access version in the meantime. You can browse some incredible creations here in case Art's Dream didn't get your creative juices flowing. 

While Art's Dream might only be a two to three hour experience, it's expected that Dreams players will spend dozens, if not hundreds of hours doing game design, level design, modeling, and more with the help of Media Molecule's rather robust engine. We're excited to see what people dream up.