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Fallout 4 Gets The Dreams Treatment

Media Molecule's game creation engine Dreams has only been available to the general public for about a week, but we've already seen some incredible works springing from the game. Some of these creations have been in the works since the game kicked off its early access period in April 2019. 


The latest feat pulled off within Dreams is a stunning remake of the early parts of Fallout 4. Titled Fallout 4: Dreams Edition, this comes to us from a player who goes by the handle Robo_Killer_v2. While any effort put into creating a game within Dreams is impressive, the amount of work that has gone into this fan recreation is astonishing.

As seen in Dreams Have Meaning's gameplay video of the fan remake, players are immediately shown a faithful recreation of Fallout 4's iconic title screens. This attention to detail doesn't evaporate when players press start, either. Every detail has been painstakingly recreated. Even the Pip Boy has been stunningly realized. The HUD looks remarkably similar to the one seen in the official Fallout games, complete with the familiar greenish hue and cutesy Vault Boy animations.


The menu allows players to skim through their inventory and view any current status changes. The map is viewable from this screen, as well, just like the Pip Boy from the official entries.

Players are then ushered into a void-like room where they're treated to some target practice. It appears as though targeting is simple and intuitive in this recreation, as evidenced by Dreams Have Meanings' ability to nail the bullseye almost immediately. That's a good sign for anyone who is concerned with taking on Ghouls and other baddies in Fallout 4: Dreams Edition.

The project has been described as very much being a "work in progress." This is definitely reflected in the amount of content currently available. Several areas on the in-game map are inaccessible, but can be viewed as a sort of vague marker. Still, that doesn't prevent everything else on display from being very impressive. According to the Robo_Killer_v2 Fallout 4: Dreams Edition has been in development for several months now. This is clearly a labor of love, so it wouldn't be a huge surprise to see Robo_Killer_v2 continue working on it for the foreseeable future.

It's unclear whether or not the rest of the Fallout 4: Dreams Edition will solely incorporate missions from the original game or if there will be any original storylines and characters introduced. The Fallout series is notorious for featuring some truly difficult missions, so it would be no surprise if Robo_Killer_v2 hoped to follow suit with their own version. All that is certain is that the work is far from over.


Robo wasn't the only enterprising dreams user to recreate a newer game in their own style. In fact, some people have taken to recreating games that haven't even come out yet. Another genius recently gave us a retro styled "demake" of The Last of Us Part 2, which showed us what the upcoming title would look like as a classic PS1 game.

In other words, Dreams players have no problems with thinking outside the box, even when it comes to game universes that we're all too familiar with. The fact that Robo_Killer_v2 had a template to work from doesn't make their efforts any less impressive. After all, isn't imitation the sincerest form of flattery?

"The game will get more content as time goes on," explained Robo_Killer_v2 in the comments. "But I hope people like it." It seems that Robo_Killer_v2 can rest easy, because people seem to like it very much.

The fan response to Fallout 4: Dreams Edition has been pretty positive. One fan quipped that the recreation played better than the original. Others expressed their confusion as to why someone would bother remaking a game in Dreams — which begs the obvious question: why the heck not?

Across the board, however, folks tend to agree that the game looks impressive from a visual standpoint, rivaling the genuine article. "You would be forgiven for mistaking this as a Fallout 4 screenshot," said one fan who shared a screen grab of their play through of the game.


Fallout fans have always been a passionate bunch, even in the face of disappointments like the initial launch of Fallout 76. It's great to see so many rallying around a labor of love like this one. We'll keep our eyes peeled for more updates to Fallout 4: Dreams Edition. In the meantime, there's no shortage of spectacular creations that have been realized in Dreams.