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The Real Reason Ninja Loves Fortnite Season 2

Ninja, Fortnite's most prolific player, is in love with the new season of the game. After the gilded, secret agent-themed Season 2 launched on Feb. 20, Ninja has found himself enjoying Fortnite Chapter 2 more than ever. This comes after a streak of dissatisfied comments about the current state of the game, too. So, why is Ninja so hyped about the new season?


"Fortnite is starting to feel like old times again," he tweeted. Specifically, certain updates hark back to the old map that was sucked up into a black hole. Remember Titled Towers? Ninja was something of a master when it came to that downright dangerous section of the map. For the streamer, Tilted Towers has made something of a comeback in the form of The Agency, a new area on the map that features multiple floors, loot galore, and plenty of roofs to play sniper on.

Ninja is also a fan of the increase in launch pads and, surprisingly, spray weapons. This latter detail comes as a bit of a shock as the streamer has been vocal about hating the meta associated with spray weapons in the past. Now, however, Ninja says with increased launch pads and more spray weapons, he's able to enjoy increased mobility and faster fights — he's pretty skilled at those blink-and-you'll-miss-them encounters, after all.


Finally, Ninja professed his love for the new battle pass, saying, "this battle pass is also one of the best in a long time" complete with a heart emoji. It's hard not to be a fan of some of the inventive new skins offered with Season 2. Who can resist Meowscles, the super hunky kitty cat?

Not everyone is in agreement with Ninja. A quick glance at the replies to this apparently controversial tweet shows many people feel like the new Fortnite is nothing like the old Fortnite. They claim the magic just isn't there for them anymore and that this season has some glaring issues with balance and bugs. "I am glad it's working out for some, but it is too little too late for me and many others... big shame really! Who knows if other games let me down, maybe I will try it again," said one user

Season 2 of Fortnite Chapter 2 has just begun. Maybe this player — or even Ninja — will change their tune down the line.