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Dr. Disrespect Blasts Ninja Over TikTok Videos

Yet again, the streamer and agent of chaos known as Dr. Disrespect has some choice words for fellow streamer Ninja. In a recent stream, Dr. Disrespect addressed Ninja's recent use of the TikTok platform. TikTok, for those of you with an aversion to social media, allows users to record, upload, and share short videos with one another. Many have used TikTok for comedic purposes, with Ninja being one of the latest content creators to try their hand at it.


Ninja has been posting short gaming-related clips, like one where he pretends his mom is telling him to stop playing video games. Another short video (since removed) makes fun of stream snipers, the folks who watch streamers in order to find and kill their characters in-game. In other words, it's nothing groundbreaking, but he's clearly having a good time with the platform.

As spotted by Dexerto, Dr. Disrespect has apparently seen a handful of these TikToks and he is less than impressed. He launched into one of his signature rants recently, taking aim at Ninja's TikTok channel and its perceived quality. And this wasn't some vague elbowing either, but a full-on verbal body slam, in true Dr. Disrespect fashion.


"Listen, Ninja has the worst TikToks," said Dr. Disrespect. "I'm just going to come out and say it since no one else wants to. Ninja, hey, Dr Disrespect here ... Ninja, if I were you, I would save your brand by not making any more TikToks ... Knock it off."

As noted by Dexerto, Ninja's TikTok account hasn't seen nearly as much success as those belonging to some other content creators who have jumped to the platform. Despite Ninja's massive success, it appears that there may yet be a few places where his brand of humor won't catch on. Still, we're sure that the insane amount of money that Ninja is reportedly receiving from his move from Twitch to Mixer will ease some of that pain.

Now, before anyone jumps to Ninja's defense over these remarks, it should be noted that these kinds of jokingly inflammatory comments are kind of Dr. Disrespect's whole schtick. The Doc's whole persona is built around being a cartoonishly over the top baddie, which is probably why there are talks to make an animated series about his life. The guy loves to stir the pot in (mostly) hilarious ways.

Beyond that, the two streamers have had a long-standing friendly rivalry over the years. This is far from the first time they've directed this kind of friendly trash-talking at one another. It's almost always this direct, as well, which always gets fans talking in the stream chats.


Last year, the two traded barbs over Ninja's complaints about squad-based matches in Fortnite. After Ninja referred to the game's latest update as "dumb and boring," Dr. Disrespect took Ninja to task, calling him a "whiny, bratty, complainer." Ninja responded in kind by posted video of Dr. Disrespect making many of the same complaints about Fortnite from his own stream. 

In another exchange, Dr. Disrespect had a choice response regarding the reveal of Ninja's line of Adidas sneakers. Attaching a photo of New Balance 574s (which look similar to Ninja's shoe design), Dr. Disrespect wrote, "Cute shoes." Ninja merely responded by asking Dr. Disrespect when he would have a shoe coming out.

In other words, these two love to roast one another. Occasionally it can come across as slightly more aggressive than others, but it mostly appears to be all in good fun. When Ninja announced that he was getting his very own Fortnite skin, Dr. Disrespect was one of the many to congratulate him, offering the streamer "Firm handshakes." 

It should also be noted that Ninja does have his fans when it comes to TikTok. GameStop's official Twitter account recently responded to one of Ninja's TikToks, calling it "Literally the best TikTok I've ever seen."


Despite their unorthodox friendliness (or perhaps because of it), this is likely not the last time these two will trade words, and it's almost always guaranteed to be entertaining. The two streamers are no strangers to controversy, with Dr. Disrespect's brief Twitch ban and Ninja's many controversial statements in the past landing the two in hot water over the course of their careers. It seems that the two have an understanding with each other, which likely makes this friendly rivalry much more fun for both of them.

Hopefully Ninja will respond to Dr. Disrespect's taunts in the form of a TikTok. We can't imagine there would be anything that would make the Doc's blood boil more.