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The Real Reason Sony Won't Reveal The PS5

Both the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X are set to launch in Holiday 2020, and as far as storylines are concerned, you couldn't book a WrestleMania match with as much intrigue as the battle between Sony and Microsoft's next-gen consoles. While Sony has been the undisputed champion of the current generation, Microsoft has been putting in a lot of work to better compete in the future. When the end of the year comes around, both will clash, and consumers will finally get to see which system has what it takes and which doesn't.


But we're a long way from the bell sounding. Right now, we're still very much in the "backstage interview" portion of the feud, as the companies list off features and specs to try and one-up each other. Microsoft has pulled out all the stops in this regard, actually showing off what the Xbox Series X looks like during The Game Awards in 2019. And Sony? Sony has yet to reveal the PlayStation 5. Why is that?

It's possible Sony sees more value in waiting, especially given the current news landscape. Which headlines are currently dominating at the moment? There's widespread fear over COVID-19 — the coronavirus. There is also a Democratic primary taking place in the United States, with multiple news cycles being eaten up by endorsements, elections, and results. Both would ensure the PlayStation 5 doesn't get long-lasting coverage, and because Sony isn't attending E3 this year, the company wouldn't have many other avenues to make its case.


Sony might also believe PS5 news would be more impactful if delivered all at once. Sure, the company has been dropping bits and pieces into Wired interviews, but notice that no specs were revealed. Sony hasn't talked about the PS5's power in any capacity, nor has it covered other crucial details like the launch lineup and price. This positions Sony to drop a bomb when it finally decides to show the PS5 to the world, and allows it to put a huge list of talking points in front of reporters. This differs from Microsoft's approach, which has consisted of the aforementioned reveal at The Game Awards, as well as sporadic blog posts by Xbox head Phil Spencer in the months since.

And on the subject of price, it's worth noting that Sony really, really wants to see where Microsoft positions the Xbox Series X. This one piece of information could be driving Sony's whole reveal strategy at this point, as Sony may want to undercut Microsoft's machine by offering the cheaper console. Because Microsoft has yet to announce the price of the Series X, Sony could be in a holding pattern as it waits for that information to drop. It's possible we could see the PlayStation 5 unveiled shortly after the cost of the Series X becomes public knowledge.


There are other factors to consider with regard to the PlayStation 5's price point, as well; namely the aforementioned coronavirus and its effect on manufacturing in Asia. Reports have stated the PS5 is becoming more expensive to produce as parts become more scarce, and it stands to reason Sony isn't even sure where it'll price the PlayStation 5 right now. Even if the company isn't sure how all the financials will shake out, we can't see Sony keeping the PS5's price a secret any longer than it has to. That bit of information, as we stated, will likely come once Microsoft shows its cards.

With all that said, you're probably wondering: when will the PlayStation 5 be revealed? Unfortunately, we don't have any solid news to report at this moment in time. But if you consider Microsoft is likely to announce the price of the Xbox Series X at E3 2020, and Sony still has a major PlayStation 4 exclusive coming in May's The Last of Us Part 2, we could be months away from seeing the PlayStation 5 in the wild.

People often look to the past for precedent, and by this point in 2013, Sony had already shown us the PS4. But we're living in a very different time now. There are competing stories in the news Sony has to contend with. There's a very capable Xbox brand that won't be caught flat-footed this time around. There are manufacturing issues, pricing concerns, and an assortment of other factors to consider.


Sony will reveal the PlayStation 5 when it's good and ready to, and that's when it feels the system will: a) get the widest possible coverage, and b) make the best possible argument. As soon as we have news of when that might be, we'll let you know.