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How To Defeat The Scorpion Sentinel In The Final Fantasy 7 Remake Demo

Eco-terrorism is a dangerous job. You'll find that out firsthand in the Final Fantasy 7 Remake demo. The demo allows prospective players to experience the first mission of the game: take down the Mako Reactor. If you're unfamiliar with the premise, just think of it as a heavily guarded nuclear power plant. 


"Heavily guarded" might be an understatement. The first boss of the game, a Scorpion Sentinel bent on destroying you, is a tricky one. The Sentinel appears just as Cloud and Barret set a bomb, but before they have the chance to program the timer. Cloud offers some insight on how to handle this mechanical nightmare. Namely, the Sentinel has formidable, reinforced armor, meaning brute strength won't cut it. Instead, try overloading its circuits with lightning magic. This will give you the chance to hack and slash at it without it hacking and slashing back. 

Once the Sentinel is down to 75% health, stage two begins. In stage two, the Sentinel generates a protective field, seriously blunting your attacks. If you walk Barret around to its backside, you'll see a field generator tucked under its deadly tail. Yes, you'll need to continually shoot at its butt in order to destroy the generator. Once that is handled, bring Cloud in to do some heavy damage with his buster sword. When its health is again nearly depleted, the Scorpion Sentinel will throw a tantrum and bring down debris from the ceiling. This signals the start of stage three.


In stage three, this thing gets liberal with the laser. Its tail laser can cause some devastating damage, so be sure to take cover behind the debris that the Sentinel oh so conveniently brought down upon your heads. Each blast will blow away said debris, so try to wrap up the fight before all your cover is blown. After taking more damage, the Sentinel's legs will become vulnerable. Save your limit break to break these legs. Once they're both taken down, you can finish it off by doing some more damage to the core. Tada! You've defeated your very first Final Fantasy 7 Remake boss.

Now all you have to do is get out of the Reactor before it blows. Good luck with that.